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Oxfam fair

Oxfam fair World Blend Fairtrade Organic Ground Coffee 250g

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Oxfam fair’s World Blend Coffee is made up of 100% Fairtrade ACO Certified Organic Arabica Beans from Ethiopia, Honduras, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.
A rich and intense coffee blend, suitable for all coffee styles. Sweet, soft tasting Arabica beans combined with tones of fruit and berries make this coffee distinct and full-bodied with a delicate finish of bright acidity.

Taste Profile: Rich and well balanced with a sweet aroma and bold intensity

Brew method: Filter, stovetop, plunger

Ingredients: 100% Fairtrade Coffee

Coffee Bean Origins: 
Oromia coffee Farmers Coop Union Ltd Ethiopia FLO ID 897
ASKOGO Indonesia FLO ID 18213
HOAC Papua New Guinea FLO ID 2897
Casescor Honduras FLO ID 33378

Stockists: Online, Coles, Woolworths, Harris Farm and Independent Supermarkets

Dimensions: 250g 8x16x4cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Just how I like it

Kevin Brennan
Effortless supply of coffee fix

So easy to order & get supplies quicky.
World Blend is perfect flavour for my morning fix, and grind is perfect for either plunger or espresso

Bill Burke
strong coffee

it is a very good mix of strong coffeee

Paul Zechovsky
Best Ever Coffee

As the title says, this is the best coffee ever! We first started purchasing it from there supermarket. In their wisdom, they stopped selling it. We are so happy we can now purchase it directly from Fair Oxfam.

Great service

I have been really happy to support - Oxfam Fair trade for several years. I was buying buying from Woolworths for many years but prefer this more direct delivery . Highly recommend . Plus haven’t been in a supermarket for 2.5 yrs. prefer supporting fair trade - directly with Australians and their produce. And overseas countries where it gives people incomes for their fabulous goods .