We help tackle poverty by creating long-term income solutions for farmers from poor communities around the globe.

Our partnerships with the farmers of our goods are at the heart of everything we do. We are proud to sell their products, which are always of an exceptional quality.

In order to achieve this, we promise: 

To support our farmers:

  • By selling their goods in Australia through a stable long-term trade partnership
  • With honest feedback about product innovation and quality, to ensure we give them every opportunity to succeed;
  • By pricing our products according to the principle of fair payment, which incorporates a fair wage and represents each product’s real value, including the raw materials and production methods, skills and techniques, culture and history, and hard work and passion of the person who grew or made the product;
  • By growing and developing their business so they can help lift themselves and their communities out of poverty; and
  • By providing pre-financing and premiums so that they can deliver health, education and financial support to their circle of farmers and wider communities.

To provide our customers with:

  • High quality products, only made using fairtrade and organic ingredients;
  • Excellent customer service to make sure we help our customers get the products, service and information they need;
  • Quick and clear solutions to address any issues or complaints; and
  • Targeted discounts and promotions that support our customers


Purchasing Oxfam fair is one of the easiest ways to help tackle poverty. By supporting Oxfam fair, you are part of a global community committed to working together to tackle poverty. 

Pick up your favourite Oxfam fair products from your local Coles, Woolworths or Independent supermarkets, or view the full range available now.

Want to make an ever bigger impact? Get your office on board! For wholesale enquiries please email oxfamorders@beanalliance.com.au.