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Tackling Poverty though your business and organisation.

To qualify for wholesale discount in Australia for online order, you need an ABN and an email.

It is that simple.

The Oxfam fair. brand was launched in 2010 to bring Oxfam's Fairtrade, ethical and life-changing products to more Australians through supermarkets and online store for enjoyment in the workplace and at home.

The range includes premium Fairtrade and Australian Certified Organic ground coffee, coffee beans and drinking chocolate. We use Premium Fairtrade raw materials to develop high-quality, great value and great tasting products to Australians. Our products help to tackle poverty by ensuring that our farmers are paid a fair and stable price and, by paying an additional community premium, we help to empower communities to build better lives for themselves.

Tackling Poverty though your business and organisation

Buying fair. coffee for your business and organisation is an ethical choice to tackle poverty through Fairtrade ANZ premium through sustainable development, ultimately supporting coffee farmers. A percentage of sale goes to Oxfam Australia to tackle poverty.

Tackling climate change

The organic coffee and cacao used in fair. coffee combats climate change through natural and sustainable farming practises without harmful chemicals. Fairtrade also has a golden standard farming carbon credit program.

Help spread the word if you know of a workplace, school, local government office, community group which would be interested.

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email: oxfamonline@beanalliance.com.au 

ph:  (03) 9474 5555

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