Fairtrade Certified Coffee

Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada (COCAFCAL)


Country: Honduras
Product: World Blend beans and ground
Number of members: 945
Flavour profile:
Fruity, sweet, with dark chocolate notes


About the cooperative

In 1885, Atanacio Rodolfo Romero, great-grandfather of the Rodríguez-Romero family, bought some parcels of land in the Las Capucas region of Honduras, and began to grow tobacco and a little coffee for the family's consumption. 75 years later, his son Atanacio Rodolfo Romero traveled to Costa Rica, where he learned about best practices to produce high-quality coffee, switched from growing tobacco to coffee, and laid the foundations for Las Capucas to become one of the areas most outstanding coffee plantations in Honduras.

In 1999, Omar Rodríguez Interiano, a coffee producer in Las Capucas, wanted to share his knowledge of successfully growing and marketing coffee with other farmers in Capucas, mostly family members. The same year, the Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada, COCAFCAL, was founded.

Within the next ten years many small farmers joined, but some withdrew as well. Now, the cooperative has more than 700 members, who actively participate in COCAFCAL's vision and mission.

"There is still great potential for new members," says Omar Rodríguez Romero, general manager of the cooperative. "Being small producers is our guarantee of good agricultural practices and the best quality for our clients".


Members have used their Fairtrade premium to...


    • > Provide a supportive network to farmers to face issues such as climate change, which has seen diseases and pests increase over the years
    • > Provide university scholarships so that young people can become the coffee experts of the future
    • > Improve health centres and hospitals

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