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Oxfam fair

Oxfam fair World Blend Fairtrade Organic Coffee Beans 1kg

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Oxfam fair’s World Blend Coffee is made up of 100% Fairtrade Organic Arabica Beans from Ethiopia, Honduras, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.

A rich and intense coffee blend, suitable for all coffee styles. Sweet, soft tasting Arabica beans combined with tones of fruit and berries make this coffee distinct and full-bodied with a delicate finish of bright acidity.

Taste Profile: Rich and well balanced with a sweet aroma and bold intensity

Ingredients: 100% Fairtrade Coffee

Coffee Bean Origins: 
Oromia coffee Farmers Coop Union Ltd Ethiopia FLO ID 897
ASKOGO Indonesia FLO ID 18213
HOAC Papua New Guinea FLO ID 2897
Casescor Honduras FLO ID 33378

Stockists: Online and Harris Farms

Dimensions: 1kg 13x34x9cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Craig Edwards
Great tasting coffee with a message

I love the aroma and delightfully robust flavour of the World Blend. The moment I switch the grinder on the wonderful aroma of the beans tantalises my senses. The rich blend is in perfect balance and I haven't found a better coffee. Knowing that it's a Fair Trade product makes it even better.

Greg Hunter
Great coffee, and good service!

The coffee is good, and payment and delivery was smooth and fast - all great! Thank you very much :)

Marty Davey
Seriously good

Our favourite blend of Oxfam Organic Coffee Beans.

Max Agnew
Great price fantastic coffee important cause

A slow start to day, a plunger ready to pour, the aroma of coffee filling the air. The sound of the coffee as it enters the cup and ah that first sip as look from my deck as the morning shadows precede the rising sun.
As I enjoy my coffee I also feel that I am doing a tiny bit to make someone else life a little better.


Good beans