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Oxfam fair

Oxfam fair Peru Decaffienated Organic Ground Coffee 250g

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Oxfam fair’s decaffeinated Peru Coffee is made up of 100% Fairtrade certified organic Arabica Beans.

Our decaf is prepared using water processing, a chemical free way to decaffeinate coffee using the latest natural technologies. The result is a delicious and full flavoured caffeine free coffee.

Taste Profile: Retaining rich flavours, residual sweetness and excellent balance of body.

Brew method: Filter, stovetop, plunger

Ingredients: 100% Fairtrade Coffee

Coffee Bean Origin: FLO ID 6594

Stockists: Online only

Dimensions: 250g 8x16x4cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Mark McDermid
Peru Decaff Coffee

We find the flavour of this Peru Decaffienated Organic coffee really quite tasty. The delivery from Oxfam was also very prompt

Dianne Osborne
Best decaffeinated coffee

This is the nearest I've found to the regular caffeine containing coffee.

Elisabeth C

I order Oxfam fair coffee as a small gesture towards fair trade. It's also delicious, and online orders arrive really quickly. Thanks, Oxfam.

Mary Greene
Fantastic decaff

Drinking the Oxfam Peru decaff you get a full coffee taste without the side effects of coffee. It has deep rich flavour and a good creme as well. I have been drinking this for years and it's far better than other decaff, even from my local cafe

Linda Smith
The best decaf grinds in the world!

I like that this coffee is sourced from Peru, and the people growing the beans are paid a fair price for their wares. Good on u Oxfam! This coffee has a lovely flavour for decaffienated beans, which I have to have if I want to enjoy a cuppa. Due to health issues my doctor has recommended I consume no caffiene