Oxfam fair Africa Blend Organic Ground Coffee 1kg

Oxfam fair Africa Blend Organic Ground Coffee 1kg

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Oxfam fair’s Africa Blend Coffee is made up of 100% Fairtrade certified organic Arabica Beans from Ethiopia.

A big mouthful of strong flavours excite the palate. This blend is a combination of distinct floral sweetness and heavy chocolate notes, with strong body and balance.

Taste Profile: Intense coffee with full flavour, smooth finish and sweet aroma.

Ingredients: 100% Fairtrade Coffee

Coffee Bean Origin: Oromia Coffee Farmers Coop Union Ltd Ethiopia FLO ID 897

Stockists: Online only

Dimensions:  1Kg 13x34x9cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I’ve been buying this FAIR AFRICA BLEND coffee at Woolworths for YEARS now, paying $9 for 250g (using 2 packs a week).
Recently they stopped stocking it, offering no fair trade coffee at all only their own or other ‘popular' brands. I was very dishartened and could not find a subsitute in flavour (and nothing ethically sourced) on the supermarket shelves. This lead me to search online and BINGO there you are!
Thank you FAIR, big 1kgs packs, delivered to my door, fast delivery, responsibly packaged. My first order was 3kgs and I share my discovery with my coffee loving family and friends.
Take that Woolworths!
Consistantly delicious, rich full bodied coffee, perfect grind for plunger.

Bernadette Ward

Oxfam fair Africa Blend Organic Ground Coffee 1kg

Edward Connor
Great taste, great feeling.

Not only does this fair Africa Blend Organic Coffee has all the rich and splendid taste of any coffee but it comes with the intrinsically wonderful feeling of knowing that those who grow the beans and are typically treated as the insignificant ones at the lower end of production are treated fairly and respectfully.

Cathy Dean
Oxfam Fair Trade African Blend Organic Ground Coffee

This is the coffee I love the best and I've purchased it online several times. With this purchase however the packet was not vacuum sealed and I could smell it when I picked it up at the post office. Not being sealed compromises the freshness of the coffee and I would not purchase a packet off the shelf that was not vacuumed sealed. It's only happened once but 1kg of ground coffee is expensive so it should not be the case. Otherwise ... it's the best!

Nic van den Bronk
Great product

We good coffee and we love fairtrade. With prompt delivery what’s not to like?