Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU)


Country: Ethiopia
Number of Members: 35,407
Product: Africa Blend & World Blend Beans & Ground
Flavour Profile: Medium body with a spicy, citrus flavour and well-balanced acidity, typical of the popular Sidamo bean

Founded in 1999 in the beautiful Oromia region in Ethiopia, Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU) is the largest Fairtrade coffee producer in Ethiopia.

They are dedicated to promoting environmental stewardship and social justice in their communities, with women holding prominent positions throughout the organisation.

Based on generations of experience, OCFCU’s Fairtrade certified coffee is grown organically under a canopy of Acacia and Oak trees amongst cardamom, ginger, papaya and sweet potatoes to create unique flavoured coffee.

The natural decay of plants and leaves, as well as animal manure, enriches the soil and creates six types of coffee – from the sweet balanced acidity of Sidamo to the spicy flavour and heavy body of Jimma.

70% of the profits are redistributed back to the primary cooperatives with OCFCU investing 30% into training and projects such as...

  • Training on sustainable techniques, composting, natural fertilisers and inter-cropping
  • Loans to purchase eco-friendly machines to save water, running costs and reduce pollution
  • Credit and emergency funds for natural disasters and repairing equipment
  • Supplied 56 clean water supply stations for coffee growing communities

Fairtrade has benefited the entire community, with the minimum price and Fairtrade Premium also contributing to...

  • Construct 4 fully-equipped health clinics, available to the whole community 

  • Improve roads and built bridges throughout the region

  • Build 15 schools and 42 classrooms

With your continued help and support of Oxfam Fair Coffee, we have been able to continue supporting farmers and communities such as Mabraat Kabbada, a member of the Oromia community. 

This is Mabraat Kabbada. Photography by Roger van Zaal(Photography by Roger van Zaal)


(Photography by Pierre Laviolette)

Women sorting through coffee beans, prior to exportation.

Fairtrade funded school. Photography by Roger van Zaal.

(Photography by Roger van Zaal)

A school that receives funding from the Fairtrade Premium. The children's tuition fees are also subsidised by the Fairtrade Premium.