Why You Should Shop The BUD Logo For Your Next Fair Brew

Why You Should Shop The BUD Logo For Your Next Fair Brew

September marks Australian Organic Awareness Month (AOAM) and is the prime time for consumers to celebrate certified organic products. The largest campaign for organic products and their producers, Fair Coffee is a proud GOLD sponsor of this event. This month, we will be diving into the how’s, why’s and where’s of certified organic coffee. 

This week, we are looking at why you should shop the BUD logo for your brew. 

What is certified organic?

Certified organic products refer to product that have met the standards set out by Australian Certified Organic (ACO). These standards are transparent and highly rigorous, ensuring your product is 100% organic. Due to Australia’s relaxed labelling laws, a lot of products identify themselves as organic but aren’t certified. This means as little as 2% of the product is actually organic. 

We at Fair Coffee have gone above and beyond to be certified organic. This means by choosing our BUD logo organic certified brew, you can have all the enjoyment of delicious coffee, with absolutely no harmful additives. Our coffee is 100% chemical free, tastes delicious and is of the highest quality. 

Shop the Bud Logo for Your Brew

The BUD logo is the symbol of integrity for organic products, highlighting to customers that all the ingredients within the product have met the Australian Certified Organic Standards. Highly recognised by consumers, it symbolises the growth of the initially small organic movement and represents everything Australian Organic believes in. 

The BUD logo can only be used on the packaging of products that have been certified organic as part of the ACO’s certification scheme. This is the largest certification scheme within Australia.

All of our packaging at Fair Coffee contains the BUD logo, no matter if you prefer our World Blend, Ethiopia Blend or South America Blend. All of our products are 100% organic certified and chemical free.

Choosing to shop the BUD logo for your brew is making a choice for a better world. Australian Organic Awareness Month aims to highlight to consumers how Australian Organic is making the world a better place. 

By choosing BUD for your brew, you are...

Achieving better environmental well-being

Organic farming practices are all about sustainability. Our farming supports long-term soil arability and biodiversity. Our farms must dedicate a percentage of their land to natural vegetation, and research has shown that organic farming practices create resilient soils that have better water retention, fighting against the effects of climate change and drought. 

We don’t use nitrogen fertilisers in any BUD certified product. Accounting for two-thirds of all crop emissions, this is because Australian Organic believes in fighting for a better world. Instead, our farming practices are centred around nurturing soil that is better any holding carbon, meaning less carbon is our atmosphere.

Drinking a healthier brew

The BUD logo means no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or chemicals. Even preservatives and food additives are heavily restricted, ensuring that your brew has absolutely no harmful substances in it. To achieve this, our products are rigorously tested by the ACO, at every stage in production, from our crops to your cup.

Many food additives are linked to headaches, asthma, rashes, and other allergen symptoms. They have also been linked to hyperactivity in children. By choosing a BUD logo certified brew, you’re making the best choice for your health and well-being.

That means you can enjoy your caffeine (or decaf if that’s more your style) guilt-free.

Supporting farmers

We are on the ground empowering communities and ensuring our farmers get a fair deal. Our coffee is both organic certified and Fairtrade certified, meaning our farmers are paid fairly and are heavily supported by our us and our products.

Because certified organic requires such rigorous testing and standards, most of our ingredients come from small-scale, local farmers. Organic farming practices ensure better quality soil for our farmers, meaning they can continue to produce products and earn income for longer. Plus, our farming practices means that their soil is resistant to the effects of climate change. Organically farmed soils hold more water and carbon than non-organically farmed, thus, they are resistant to droughts.

By choosing BUD certified coffee for your brew - you’re choosing to give farmers around the world a fairer go. You’re helping to empower entire communities, simply by choosing organic certified for your daily brew.

Choosing chemical free

Our status as Australian organic certified means we are 100% chemical free. That’s right, there’s no added preservatives, pesticides or chemicals in our coffee.

63% of Australian consumers perceive the best benefit of organic certified coffee is its chemical free status. We are no different. We recognise the benefits of having chemical-free brew, which is why we are BUD certified. That means a 0% chance of chemicals in your brew, so you can enjoy incredible tasting coffee with no fear of harmful substances. 

Our 1kg Fair Coffee range is now stocked nationwide in select Woolworths stores. If your Woolworths isn’t one of them, visit our online store here.

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