International Tea Day 2024

International Tea Day 2024

English: Tea, Chinese: Cha, Hindi: Chaai, Swahili: Chai, Sinhala: Te, Turkish: Cay, Vietnamese: Tra

Today marks International Tea Day, an acknowledgement of tea's long and rich history around the world, a celebration of its cultural significance, and a way to recognize the role it plays in supporting farmers, promoting sustainable development and alleviating poverty in tea growing areas. 

The establishment of International Tea Day goes back to 2005, when trade unions, tea growers and social organisations across Asia and Africa sought to raise awareness about the importance of fair prices for tea producers, along with living wages for industry workers. 

The United Nations later established a separate International Tea Day for the 21st of May, which has been observed annually since 2019, and takes on a broader approach. 

To celebrate International Tea Day in 2024, let’s relax with a freshly brewed cuppa, and take a quick look at some of the health benefits of this ancient beverage we all know and love...


  • May improve blood pressure
  • May improve cardiovascular health
  • May moderate glycaemic response
  • May reduce diabetes risk
  • May improve gut health
  • May reduce risk of cancer
  • Can help to alleviate stress and anxiety
  • May improve attention and focus
  • May support bone health

All this got you in the mood to discover some new and exciting styles of fresh, flavourful and aromatic teas? 

Look no further than Project t

Our range of premium teas includes Green Teas, Herbal Teas and Black Teas

Available in loose leaf, pyramid teapot bags, and in resealable pouches.

The Project t range has required several years of researching, sourcing, and finessing. These teas are Custom blended to meet the strict standards set by the passionate team of people here at the Bean Alliance Group.

Also, in the true spirit of International Tea Day, Project t can proudly claim the following ethical and sustainability credentials:

The Rainforest Alliance Certification Program

Ethical Tea Partnership: a strategic partnership between producers, government, private sector donors and tea specialists to address tea sector issues across economics, equality and environment.  

Happy International Tea Day for 2024, and happy sipping! 

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