Mother's Day: Fair Future with Fair. Coffee

Mother's Day: Fair Future with Fair. Coffee

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the coffee industry world-wide relies on the contributions of women so much that it would struggle to survive without them. 

In some growing regions, up to 90% of field work and up to 80% of harvesting activities are carried out by women. Despite this however, only a small number of coffee farms are actually operated by women.

When you purchase Fairtrade Certified coffee, you’re directly helping to tackle poverty and improve working conditions for coffee growers the world over, including the huge proportion that is made up of women and mothers. 

Why not show your Mum some love this Mother’s Day while also supporting a global movement towards sustainability and social justice?  


Fair Trade programs for women and mothers ensure their children are taken care of and are able to stay in school longer, thanks to increased job stability. This includes

Maternity Leave

Doctors Visits

Better Pay

Gender Equality

Setting standards that don’t discriminate

Training Women to Lead

Funding locally driven women's initiatives

Challenging historic gender based patterns

Breaking down stereotypes of “women’s work”


Developing effective interventions to dismantle persistent inequality

Support Fair. Farmers and Co-Ops. Create a Fair future with Fair. Coffee for Mother’s Day in 2024. 

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