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Oxfam fair

Oxfam fair Africa Blend Organic Ground Coffee 1kg

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Oxfam fair’s Africa Blend Coffee is made up of 100% Fairtrade certified organic Arabica Beans from Ethiopia.

A big mouthful of strong flavours excite the palate. This blend is a combination of distinct floral sweetness and heavy chocolate notes, with strong body and balance.

Taste Profile: Intense coffee with full flavour, smooth finish and sweet aroma.

Brew method: Filter, stovetop, plunger

Ingredients: 100% Fairtrade Coffee

Coffee Bean Origin: Oromia Coffee Farmers Coop Union Ltd Ethiopia FLO ID 897

Stockists: Online only

Dimensions:  1Kg 13x34x9cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Roger Keyes

Friends, the coffee is excellentisimo ... it's a strong long-term favourite of mine. The packing is however atrocious! I have written many many times in protest at the environmental disaster that we are contributing to by usIng that dreadful plastic bag. It is time to transfer to steel cans, and if it costs more, so be it. We can't afford to go on littering the planet with this dreadful plastic. We will pay much more dearly for remedy than for reform. PLEASE DO IT FRIENDS.

Sandra Zander
Excellent coffee

Always excellent coffee

Helen Bayes
Lovely coffee

I made this coffee in a simple plunger. I don’t let the water reach boiling point & I pour it in a slow stream after letting it sit for 1-2 mins. This Oxfam coffee is delicious.

Belinda Howell
This is not a review but a query

While my order may have been packed 14 days ago, it arrived just this morning (13 Dec). I ordered multiple packs and one of them had a hole, which spilled coffee into the carton. It wasn’t a large amount of coffee but I am concerned about freshness or, more worrying, potential tampering.

What should I do? I have a photo if you would like me to send it.

Belinda Howell

My mistake but hey!

Ordered the ground instead of the beans but the ground is pretty good in the plunger at the office!